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This cross was meant for you

The Son of Man came to Earth with a purpose: to become the Good News that God is with us, for us, and that He is the way of Salvation. To accomplish this, Jesus lived among us, suffered for us, was crucified, and died, but also raised Himself from the dead on the third day. Through this, He demonstrated power over life and death.

When we look at the cross, we should not see it as the instrument of Jesus' death because He gave up His life on his own. Rather, we should see the cross as the death we can be saved from if we choose Him as our Savior. The cross (death) was meant for us, but through Jesus, we have the ability to choose Life.

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3 Crosses

Many people don't know the story of the three men crucified on Golgotha (the hill in Jerusalem that resembles a skull). The story is found in all 4 Gospels (Matthew 27, Mark 15, Luke 23, and John 19) and depicts the unjust crucifixion of Jesus between two criminals.

One criminal recognizes that he is deserving of the punishment of crucifixion but knows Jesus is not. This criminal asks to be remembered by Jesus when He comes into His Kingdom and is told that he (the criminal) would be with Jesus that very day in Paradise.

The second criminal, instead of admitting he is deserving of punishment but that Jesus is not, chooses to mock and ridicule the Son of God for not saving Himself. There is no mention of this man ever asking to be remembered by Jesus.

Thus, the 3 crosses are a picture of Salvation and Damnation based upon the recognition of Who Jesus is and the simple act of asking Him for mercy and grace - which He gives freely as His gift to those who ask.

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Christ Resurrected

On the third day, after Jesus had been crucified and laid in a tomb, three women came to anoint His body. But, He wasn't there. The stone had been rolled away and Jesus had left.

The smile I imagine He had on His face was big and wide because He was showing everyone (for all time) that He is, was and will always be the King of kings and Lord of lords and that the devil had lost the war even before the battle had begun.

Though the area around the tomb wasn't nearly as adorned with flowers as I'm depicting here, the resurrection is THE most beautiful thing (for us) that could have happened. Jesus' rising from the dead, proving He has power over both life and death (John2:19-22), gives us reason to trust Him. Flowers, to me, are a reminder that life is beautiful, death is only temporary and the stench of death can't overcome the scent of Heaven.

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a short 3 minute video introduction

about me

In mid-2007 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. After undergoing all sorts of treatments (surgery, chemo, radiation etc.), I died in early 2008. But, as a friend of mine says, "I got better."

Prior to dying, I had no interest whatsoever in art - at least with myself being the artist. But... a couple of years after I recovered from death (and cancer), I discovered photography and fell in love with it. THEN, I discovered I had a penchant for mixed-media art. So, I combined the two and the art collection of The Once Dead Artist (me) has become a reality.

Due to my disability, slight hand tremor and allergies to many paints, besides paint and pencil, I also use an electronic drawing tablet etc. - which allows me to get very detailed. On occasion, I might use an open-source background image to begin a painting but, by and large, what I create doesn't use such images. After I've completed a painting, I work to embellish (add detail) to it so that it is one-of-a-kind.

EVERY purchase of my artwork not only helps me provide for my family but also helps fund the non-profit we run (Transitions EAAT) that provides equine (horse) therapy for children, adults and veterans who have special needs.

Enough about me! If you have a question, ask. I'm super easy going, I don't easily get offended and I love people.


What Customers Say About the Once Dead Artist

The wall you designed for us is more than terrific. It was better than we could have hoped for. Cheers.

D. Andrew Smith - UK Scuba Instructor

When I asked you to quote me a price for both my horses (Honey and Twitch), I couldn't believe you were so reasonable (others quoted me in excess of $1,000). When I got my canvas, I was overjoyed. You've really got a great talent, a good heart and a wonderful ranch. Thank you!

K. Dawson

I cried when I saw this. It reminded me of the dance I had with my daddy at my wedding. He died not long afterwards.

S. Carlston